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#Colour Resemblance

Like RONALD REAGAN said once

"You can tell a lot about a fellow's character by his way of eating jelly beans."

With RRBA you can tell a lot about our characters with the colours they resemble.

To grow to like something you must know it and understand it; Which is why I will be Introducing the characters to you bit by bit to Familiarize you (our audience)

I'll be mentioning 4 Characters weekly.

today we Talk about 4 Colours 4 Characters

The Fiery Red >>>>> Elmando

The type of guy who is Full of energy, Strong willed and can be Impulsive at times and attracts attention.

The Down to earth Green >>>> Hiimu

an open book, Pleasant to be around, caring and very loyal

The Unpredictable Blue >>>>> Shimonda

Very Traditional, stays within her Circle of friends, and pays a lot of attention to her appearance.

The Feisty Pink >>>>>>>>>> Seawn

Often Naive, a delicate flower and can sometimes stand out, cousins of Red are often feisty.

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